fursuit prices

prices are subject to change depending on complexity

fursuit head


skull head


mini partial  (head, paws, tail)


partial (head, paws, arms, tail)


3/4th digisuit (Head, paws, padded legs, feet, tail, arms)


Plantigrade fullsuit (head, paws, unpadded body suit, feet, tail)


digitigrade fullsuit (head, paws, padded bodysuit, feet, tail)


Digitigrade legs (padded legs held up with suspenders)

$310 +

Plantigrade bodysuit (unpadded bodysuit)


Nub tail (1ft max)


medium tail (2ft max)


large tail (3ft max)


X-large tail (4ft+)


hand paws (semi-puffy hand paws)


arm sleeves (arms attached with a strip of elastic)


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